At GM, our people span six continents, every time zone and speak more than 100 languages. We've built a culture and a business environment based upon inclusion, mutual respect, responsibility and understanding. We understand that in the global economy, diversity is a distinctive business advantage-and we now have 12 employee-driven Affinity Groups to coordinate employee initiatives, and offer direct contact to GM's diversity management, human resources staff and senior management. GM Affinity Groups are tasked with: enhancing market opportunities; enhance recruiting and retention efforts; providing opportunities for career development and networking; acting as an information resource for any GM function; and, serving as the "face" of GM in their constituent communities.

After all, we believe that the most diverse and inclusive corporations yield the highest global profits. And, in celebration of GM's commitment to diversity, we're inviting employees to be part of a company-wide initiative called "I am GM." This program highlights the value of each person and the incredibly rich diversity of our workforce. GM's current Affinity Groups include:

  • Asian Indian Affinity Group
  • Chinese Affinity Group
  • GM Affinity Group for Women
  • GM African Ancestry Affinity Group
  • GM PLUS (People Like US)
  • Hispanic Initiative Team
  • GM Jumpstart
  • Mid-East/South-East Asian Affinity Group
  • Native American Cultural Network
  • People with Disabilities Affinity Group
  • Veterans Affinity Group
  • Vietnamese Affinity Group